BigKat Fitness and Martial Arts Centre


Fitness and Martial Arts Centre

Welcome to BigKat Fitness and Martial Arts Centre!

We offer an exciting way to get fit in a fun, friendly atmosphere. Do you want to lose weight, increase your general fitness or even compete in MMA? Then you've found the right place! Your needs are our focus and you are guaranteed an enjoyable experience in our Fitness and Martial Arts classes.

Personal Training

Personal Training

BigKat offers personal training designed specifically around your goals; we will help you improve your fitness, lose weight and develop better technique.

Fitness and Sports

Fitness and Sports

If you want to get fit, improve your strength, or compete with our team in local sporting events, BigKat offers everything you could ever need, with a range of classes for men and women!

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts

We have a wide variety of Martial Arts classes which cover all the striking, grappling and wrestling skills you need to compete in Thai Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts!

Explore the Gym

Explore the Gym

We have a lot to offer at BigKat; our facilities cater for just about everyone's needs. We have a cage wall, full-height mirror, weights, rowing machine, and much more!

BigKat is full of excellent coaches and team mates; we train hard and have lots of fun!

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